Wednesday, 17 June 2015

How to Improve your Home for Sale in Gabriola?

Selling your home can be quite a challenge for a few if they are not really experienced with selling homes. They are really confused with where to begin, how to improve their home, should they hire a real estate agent for their home in Gabriola? There are many mysteries surrounding the gulf islands real estate and this article will help you understand a few things.

One of the greatest misconception about selling your home and making improvements is that it will cost you a lot of money. It is really expensive to make repairs and get fixes done on your home. But doing a few simple ones will help you get through the burden of selling your home easily. Here it goes…

  • First Impression is the last impression 

It is always true, whether it is for a person or a home or a book you buy. Any buyer who will come to see your home in Gabriola or any other place for that matter will first see the exterior of your home. More than 80% of the people decided at that very moment when they see your home, if they want to live inside or not. It is no secret that if you do not even like the exterior, you would never want to even step in the home. Then why give others a reason not to go in the house you want to sell?

Try to get your lawn cleaned up. Remove all the weeds and other debris that you find lying around in your lawn. This will a simple thing to do that will help create a good impression. Replace any broken flower pots and make them clean and shiny. And if you are willing to spend a few extra to make your home stand out, opt for painting the exterior with fresh and bright paint.

Painting your home if you haven’t already is the first thing that you might want to do. It is an absolute must if you want to get a deal right away. If a house looks absolutely appealing from the outside, people will tend to ignore minor problems on the interior.

  • Nice and shiny Interiors

Well, this might be obvious to you, but making the interior look good is as important as the exterior. Cleaning the interior means to de-clutter the stuff that is lying around. Like removing the toys that are on the floor, keeping the clothes properly inside the closets, making the windows spot free and so on. People coming to your home should feel like they are in a posh hotel. It should feel like they own a beautiful Realestate listings in Gabriola island.

The common things to take care of on the interiors which do not cost you much are: -

Windows – Make sure they are clean and fully functional.
Carpets – Ensure that there are no bad stains on it. Consider getting a new one if you can.

Sofas – Must have good sofa covers which are soft and freshly cleaned.
Curtains – Keeping the curtains clean and matching with the interior helps

Electrical and Plumbing works

It’s obvious that once you have put up a home for sale board, people would want to just move in a live in their new homes. No one wants the hassle of getting repairs done on those leaking pipes and the noisy fans. You as the home owner have the responsibility of getting the work on the plumbing and electrical done. It might cost you a little extra doing this, but it is worth the time and money. A customer would want the repairs to be done by you. You can chose to do it later or do it now yourself.

A few of the important notes to take away from here are: -
  1. Get your leaking pipes fixed
  2. Make sure there are no open wires lying around.
  3. Fixing windows to allow natural light enter is also a good hackGet an electrician to fix all the light switches 
  4.  Master Bedroom tips
The master bedroom is the man’s cave and that is where they will be spending the majority of their time. The best advice for improving the likelihood of getting your home sold is to de-personalize this living space. Just think about it, would you like to see someone else’s kid’s picture in your bedroom? Or will you like a room if you can imagine your spouse roaming around in that space.

Give the customer some imagination space. The people coming to view your home should be able to visualize their stuff lying in those spaces. This will give them a sense of belonging and a feeling of their own home. To de-personalize means to remove all the items that belong to you. Clearing up all the closets of your personal belongings and removing all personal clothes and pictures from sight is a great hack for you.

  • Freshening up the entire place

This tip might not be a great advice for selling your home, but it serves as an icing on the cake. You can freshen up the entire place by generally planting fresh flowers on the exterior of the home. Also, if you have a home for sale, then you should make your interior smell fresh. Giving all your customers a feeling for all their senses makes them buy the apartment just immediately.

Using air fresheners just brightens up the place. Keeping all the curtains and sofa and seat covers, pillow covers looking and smelling fresh might be a deal sealer.

  • Fixing the right price for your home

At the end of the day, everything comes down to the price of the place. The exterior has all the things that the person is looking for. The interior is fresh and looks de-cluttered and there is enough space. All the flowers are clean and green along with the sheets and curtains, but everything comes down to just the price of the home on sale.

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Doing a little research on the market will give you a sense of the price that your home is worth. Looking at home that are roughly the similar size as yours, having the same land area as yours will help you to get an estimate of your home when you try to sell it. If you are having trouble with setting your home for sale or need some advice on the price of the home, you can always hire a real estate agent, but the idea here is to use as less of your money as possible.

  • Conclusion

This article focuses on short and simple tricks to help save you the headache of planning to sell your home. There are a few tactics that you can use to help make the deal to sell your home. You can use this as a money saving advice to make the max out of your investment. Simple tricks that give you control over how much you want to spend on the home you want to sell. If you have any success with these tips, do let us know in the comments. Will love to hear from you!!!